PA Smart City Project

PA 2040 Phase I

Proof of concept project that helps define Smart City governance frameworks, interoperability standards, and models for replication, scalability, and sustainability.

PA 2040 Phase II

Phase II of PA 2040 PoC focuses on adding smart city technology to develop scalability, sustainability, and interoperability models and frameworks.

Smart Waste Management

This pilot is to evaluate the business value of adding a sensor technology to some of the waste cans that will provide data analytics on the fill levels which will allow DPW to identify if waste collection efficiencies can be achieved using this data.

Movement Analytics

The use of video sensors to classify and count city movement (people, bikes, cares, etc.) to measure traffic volume and flows in key economic development corridors and event locations. The primary goal is to measure city traffic (people, bikes, cars, etc.) for volumes and flows that will provide data analytics to aid in improving city operations, economic planning efforts, and other ways of understanding and improving our city.

Vendor Invoice Payment Project

OCP will work with the OCFO and OCTO to enhance our Procurement Automated Support System (PASS) and the SOAR financial system to allow vendor invoices to be processed through the systems

OCP Forecast of Contracts Web Portal

This online portal will advises and inform the District’s vendor community when and what the District will procure

Emergency Response

Effective emergency response is essential for maintaining system reliability for the city’s water system

Water Leak Detection

DC Water is currently evaluating the implementation of Leak Detection capabilities to help improve overall water service reliability

Downtown BID Waste Tracking Project

This project involves deploying sensors in the Downtown DC and Anacostia Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to monitor waste capacity and utilize data analytics applications that will provide actionable information to inform and enhance waste management is this area

Smithsonian’s National Zoo Solar-Powered Park ...

DOEE partnered with the EPA to bring a solar and wind-powered air monitoring station in the form of an information exhibit in the Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Washington DC Bald Eagle Nest Cam

In 2014 a pair of bald eagles decided to nest near the U.S. National Arboretum, which is operated by the United States Department of Agriculture and is the first Bald Eagle pair to nest in this location since 1947

Integrated Work Planning, Scheduling & Dispatching

The objective of this initiative is to combine disparate sources of information into a single ArcGIS based portal to optimize resources and improve work planning, scheduling & dispatching

Flood Management

DC Water envisions an intelligent flood management system to more quickly identify potential flooding events using a series of strategically placed flow and level sensors in conjunction of CCTV cameras.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality is essential to DC Water’s mission of providing safe and reliable drinking water

MPD CCTV Network Upgrade

A collaborative effort between MPD and OCTO to upgrade and modernize the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) connectivity for MPD’s CCTV network.

Distribution Management

DC Water plans to increase the number of pressure monitoring points in the distribution system to improve the overall management of the system and to ensure the system operates most efficiently

Critical Customer Notification

Certain customers have the potential to be more adversely impacted by interruptions of service or require more specialized notifications when an incident occurs

Smart Devices (Valves, Hydrants, Backflow Preventers)

Extending our eyes and ears into the system allows for better management and control

Customer Open Data Initiative

This initiative will provide customers with access to multiple data sources on-line through a common mapping service

Street Light LED Project

This is an effort of evaluating the conversion of the District’s street lights to LEDs through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) model.

Large-scale & Special Events Permitting Portal

In an effort to streamline and improve coordination of large-scale and special event operations, MPD is interested in working with our DC Government partners (specifically permitting agencies), to develop a centralized information portal and repository

Smart EcoDistrict

Smart EcoDistrict

Initiative to transform an isolated federal precinct into more highly livable and sustainable neighborhood.


Urban Heat Island Mapping

Initiative of using sensor technology to capture temperature data that produces heat mapping data analytics.

National Mall

Expanded National Mall Wi-Fi

Initiative to expand Public Wi-Fi coverage in the vicinity of the Washington Monument, Korean War Memorial and World War II memorial.

Urban Living

Urban Living Labs

Initiative that will leverage a network of sensor-based technologies to produce environment data analytics.


ParkDC Chinatown

Proof of concept initiative to effectively and efficiently manage parking using Multimodal Value Pricing technology

Elizabeth East

St. Elizabeths East

Initiative to equip the St. Elizabeths East campus with foundational technology infrastructure that will support future Smart City applications and capabilities.

  • Economic Development
  • Energy & Environment
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Urban Planning
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Geospatial Analytics
    • Governance
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Privacy/Ethics
    • Procurement/Partnership Models
    • Public Wi-Fi
    • Public/Market Engagement
    • Remote Sensing/Sensors
    • Variable Pricing/Behavioral Economics